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Katarzyna Jankowska


Title: DHEA can restore the function of the ovaries – a series of 5 cases and a review of the literature

Katarzyna Jankowska

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We study the impact of the dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA) by the women with diminished ovarian reserve and very low DHEA-S in the blood. In vivo study. The paper also presents a review of the literature regarding diminished ovarian reserve and the use of dehydroepiandrosterone. We present a description of 5 patients with diminished ovarian reserve (DOR). Patients reported because of problems with getting pregnant. Infertility lasted for several years. The patients disagreed on IVF for ethical  and religious reasons. All of the presented patients were diagnosed with diminished ovarian reserve (very low AMH or high FSH, elevated estradiol concentration on day 3 of the cycle). We found also a very low DHEA-S concentration. The patients were given dehydroepiandrosterone. After several months of treatment (3-6 months), the patients became pregnant. None of them had procedures for in vitro fertilization. Five patients gave birth to healthy children. Our experience with DHEA is much bigger, but these 5 cases are very well documented. The obtained results indicate that DHEA supplementation in conditions of its deficiency improves the functioning of the ovaries and increases the chance of pregnancy.